Banco Falabella

Tradition & innovation, closer than before.



Just Digital worked with Banco Falabella for a clear goal, create a wearable app for building durable relations between clients and the company. With this app the users can easily manage them daily bank activity.



Adapting to
the changes.

The user changes his way to consume and also changes his necessities



Mix a traditional services with an innovative concept was an added challenge to that project


Direct benefits for the users

Thanks to products like that the customer satisfactions increases and, also, the engagement with the product grows. Furthermore, these benefits mean an increment in activity and transactions.


We did for Banco Falabella

User Experience Design

Wearable App development

Desarrollo TIZEN

Desarrollo SWIFT



Really useful app! I can check the information of my bank account and manage some movements through the app. I have the bank in my Apple Watch, cool!
Gustavo A.Usuer of Banco Falabella App
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